From the grandest of grand scales to something much smaller. Somewhere in our travels w picked up a rock about 4x5x6 inches with all kinds of layers. This is a view of part of the “top”. Photographed inside with side lighting from a flash bouncing off a gold reflector. Tweaks in processing to bring out features.

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Finding rocks like this is always fun, Dennis. Thinking about how those layers got deposited and then bent, folded, spindled and mutilated makes clear what an amazing world we live in.


Never ever would have guess as small as you describe; lacking any reference, this could from a much larger landscape, certainly a larger rock! Classic and literal definition of layers - geological of course.

I have two thoughts. Dropping the overall brightness with an additional burn in the lighter corner. But then also thinking a 180 deg rotation that puts that brighter striation in the LRC. Of course with this kind of stuff, it doesn’t really matter and can be presented in numerous ways.


Interesting suggestions, @Lon_Overacker. Oddly, the light corner started out in the lower right and I didn’t care for it there. I agree that it should go a bit darker and I’m regretting the use of the gold reflector which really shows as the brightness decreases.