Sadr Region

A wide field view (678mm) of the Sadr star region in the Cygnus cross.
Enormous gas clouds lit up by exploding stars.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any feedback appreciated.

Technical Details

18-10 minute images stacked in Astropixel.
Imaged in backyard in Portland, Oregon
asi294 camera with Williams gt71 scope.
Radian quad filter.
PP in Pixinsight, Affinity, Capture, Photoshop


This is astonishing! The composition works well to my eye as I feel like there is interest throughout the frame. I can’t really comment on the color as I don’t know how it looks in person. Artistically this looks very nice!

I agree. This is just wonderful. It also makes for a great abstract as well.

Wow, Dan, this is one of your best yet. The composition is quite nice and it definitely has an abstract feel to it. You’ve really got a knack for these images.

Just wow. It looks surreal.

This is just amazing. The colors of the gas clouds are surreal. Excellent work!