Dust storm

Orion nebula in swirling space dust…

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
38-90 sec. light frames.
20 flat, 20 bias
D610, 420mm, 300 f2.8 w/ 1.4 tc @ f4
Star adventure tracker.
Stub Stewart park in Oregon
Processed in Astropixelprocess, Capture one, Affinity photo


Beautiful shapes and colours, it looks almost like a flower blossoming.

Those reds are pretty intense. I feel as though I’m looking at the human body from within. These aren’t natural colors are they? I suppose you’re free to fully experiment with colors in this case. It’s hard to make suggestions in this case.

Thanks Igor,
A hydrogen Alpha filter on the camera, I am not sure what "natural"light is, this is the color of light emitted by emmission nebulas on the spectrum for the hydrogen gases in the huge clouds.
Important to Astronomers.

I like it Dan. I’m not bothered by the color. Most astronomy photos are false color images I think.

Phenomenal work Dan. Kudos for managing and apparently mastering astrophotography.

Can’t speak to the colors, although I can say sure looks good to me! I’ve heard, but of course am no expert, that may images from space - like from Hubble, ISS, etc. - that colors get “assigned” when the data is put back together back on earth. But what do I know?

Only minor suggestion for me is to remove the yellowish star in the very bottom LLC. I get it’s real and exists, but image was my keeps getting drawn there. Not a huge deal.


Thanks Lon, Appreciate your review. That star should have been removed. I remove lots of them. It is an Astrophotography must!
Yes, modern Astrophotography is just Hubble on small scale and with processing and Tech advancements, people in backyards are getting Hubble type imaging.
It is all just data and you can process how you want.
A ton of fun if you like to process, the whole genre is difficult and challenging.