Santa Barbara Dawn

Years ago, I was driving to work along the beach with the camera gear in the car trunk and stopped for a few minutes for some photography. This is one my very few images including the moon.

Canon 5D, 70-200mm


Beautiful comp and light, Harley. The colors and clarity of the sky is marvelous.

SUPERB Harley. The sliver of moon makes this so attractive, as does the color contrast. I might consider a slight crop on both right & left sides. I downloaded and cropped it and added a very slight boost in mid level contrast. See attached. I’m not sure at all my version is an improvement however. Very hard to improve on perfection. Gorgeous capture.


I think you posted this on NPN v1 long ago, as it’s quite familiar. Either way, it’s a fine image. I think either crop works. The moon is perfectly exposed. Nicely done, sir!

Harley, well my old age is still OK at this point. Not only did I have an immediate subliminal recall of this fine image, but even your story about it back then…:sunglasses:
Totally agree with Preston’s comment about the moon exposure too. Wonderful stuff here especially with the placement of the moon in the scene…Excellent…:+1:

btw: I thought we’d see one of Youssef’s new moon postings by now too…:cowboy_hat_face:

Awesome image Harley. Gotta love that color gradient. Love this as presented. Bill’s tweak is subtle and works too.


Harley, this is a great shot, with lovely colors in the sky and a perfectly exposed moon. The palm tree silhouettes pull things together perfectly.

Harley, this is probably some of the best earth shine image that I have seen. Most beautiful. Thank you for sharing this.

Perfect. I love the color gradient in the sky and the gestures of the palm trees.

A nice silhouette shot with surprising definition of the dark portion of the moon, Harley! The composition, with the moon occupying the empty space between the trees, works very well.

In addition to the color and light,the silhouette really makes the image.

I missed this one. Really, really good image. Strong, elegant comp. and some beautiful subtle colors. I like @Bill_Chambers edits adding a touch more brightness to the highlights and contrast.

Harley, congrats on this fine image being an EP selection here… very well deserved…:+1::+1:

I missed this one too Harley, it is really gorgeous, and congratulations on the EP !!!

This is a wonderful image Harley. I especially like the sliver moon and gradient of color in the sky.