Santa Rosalillita's Church

I have snow pictures but I don’t think I’ve ever shared this image on NPN before.

Santa Rosalillita is a village of no more than about 1000 residents. Therefore I was amazed to find this little gem in its midst. I don’t often gush over images but I found this small church absolutely delightful. It’s simple straightforward architecture is perfect for the location - a sun drenched spot a short walk from the beach. I find the symmetry particularly attractive. And then there’s that bell on one side with the rope hanging from it, a wonderful departure from the rest of it. Overall I find this building enormously uplifting somehow and take every opportunity to visit it when I’m in the area.

What’s interesting to me is that everyone visits and raves about the old missions scattered about the peninsula and this little gem goes unnoticed.

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I just realized that this isn’t a nature shot. Do with it as you wish.

Igor, this is indeed a lovely looking church. It’s clean whiteness stands out well against the blue sky. You are right about the old missions. At first, I was thinking that I’d seen a picture very much like this, but reading your description reminded me that what I was remembering was from New Mexico, not CA. I’m fine with this here.