Is anyone out there still scanning slides? If so, any recommendations re: scanners? If not, are there any services you would recommend? Like many or all of us, I have a pile of slides and would like to convert some. Thanks.

I just finished a few months ago. I started a few years ago. When I started, I used a Nikon Coolscan 5000 (which I still have). I used different scanning software. Silverfast was and is the best in my opinion. However, it could take up to a minute a slide. Then I used a Epson flatbed 750 and could do several at a time, but it still tool forever. So the project went on the back burner, and the slides remained unscanned.

Then I followed the advice of George Lepp from an Outdoor Photographer article. I bought a LED light source from Amazon (Artograph) made a L shaped jig for slide alignment, taped that on with gaffers tape, and put it on a copy stand ( you could just use a tripod), mounted my camera with macro lens and a cable release and I was ready.

I could copy a slide as fast as I could lay it on the light table. The images were 24 megapixels, it didn’t matter that the slides were Fuji, Kodak etc. and our software these days makes the scanner software superfluous.

Craig, Thank you. Great idea. I’ll try that. Much appreciated.