Need new photo printer

Since Epson has discontinued inks for my 2200, I am considering a new photo printer. Any and all suggestions welcome

Hi Skip,

Look at the Epson P600 and P800. The P800 is the desktop pro model that is fairly expensive. The P600 is the model most similar to the reliable 2200. Bad reviews focus on clogged ink-jets and poor color accuracy. Many of the poor reviews are by hobbyists that are not familiar with high quality digital printing. The Canon Pixma Pro 100 and Pro 10 are comparable to the 2200. Canon printers have slightly higher printer resolution and different ink technology than Epson. I have never used Canon printers, so I cannot offer an opinion on these two models. Like the Epson printers, excessive ink use, clogged nozzles, and paper jams seem to be common complaints. I am still using a 2200 and it has been an excellent, reliable printer.

I’ll vouch for the Epson P800. I don’t print all that often (once a week would be a lot for me), and I’ve never had a problem with clogged ink heads on mine. Never had a paper jam, using either the back or front feed (for thicker papers). It doesn’t seem like the ink use is excessive (from cleaning the heads when the printer is turned on?). I have no experience with other brands, so I can’t speak to that.

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I use the Epson P800 also. It was a good upgrade from the 3880 which died on me. I use sheet paper and roll paper. I’ve used it at least a year with no problems. With the 3880 I frequently need to do nozzle checks and cleaning. I would say my experience and use is similar to Bonnie. Sometimes loading roll paper is tedious. I print on Illford Gold Fibre Silk and Red River metallic as well as Epson papers.

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I’ve used the Canon Pro 10 for the last four years. Have had no complaints and it is still going strong.

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I got an Epson P800 last September when Epson had a good rebate. It was an upgrade from an ancient R1800 Epson that finally died on me. I tend to bunch things together and print at 3 week intervals. No problem with that. The thing fires right up and takes off. The loaded interface works fine on my Mac. The old Epson would never work right with the Mac and I had to print from an ancient PC kept just for that purpose.

Hi Skip,

Another vote for the P800. I use it on a Mac system. A nice feature from Epson for their P series is their Print Software which easily renders prints without having to use the Photoshop interface.

In the past, I had to deal with 25 P600’s which were used in classrooms environment and the ink carts were always being replaced. You get better value with P800 and you can make larger prints, and for an additional cost you can buy a roller to hold your paper to make panos.

The P800 is a mature product now and all the Epson print media ICC profiles are included in their software.

The P800 technology is much improved over 3880 and the dreaded ink blob issue when switching between PK and MK has been designed out. You may want to check out if any rebates are out there, goto B&H or Epson site. Last month they were offering a few very good ones. More info here:

I have little experience with Canon, I prefer to buy product from company that make just printers.

Good luck

I’m very happy with the Epson XP15000. Extremely compact, prints high quality up to A3+ The only downside is the absence of RIP software (yet?) Very high value for money.