Time for a new printer

My old Pixma Pro9000, Mark II decided that it no longer wanted to talk to the computer. I tried two different laptops and three different usb cords, so I’m confident it’s the printer. Given the cost of these things, it’s unfortunately probably not worth looking at repair (shipping alone would probably come close to the cost of a replacement).

I know Canon’s replacement for this printer is the Pixma pro-100, but I’m wondering if anyone has had a bad experience with it or if there’s an Epson or other printer that is competitive in terms of price ($133 after rebate) and quality. I would like to keep the 13 inch width.

I don’t print a lot-just a few times a year, so I don’t want something that is going to go through a lot of ink just warming up, but I do prefer to do my own printing.

I recently purchased a refurbished pixma 100 from Amazon and it didn’t work out of the box I returned it and purchased a brand new one and it worked after about a 30 minute set up. It works well and the wireless functions work well also.

The printer quality seems good but I’m still calibrating my processing for the printer so I can control the results

Thanks, Nathan. It’s good to hear that.

I’m an Epson lover. I had an R1800 that cost me about $500 and lasted for 16 years. So cost over the years used was relatively low. I just bought a Sure Color P800. It’s 17 inches wide and works like a dream. They have a 13 inch version and if you look on their website or you call their store, they frequently have rebates. I got a $300 rebate for the larger one and the rebate for the smaller was $200. Admittedly, these are more expensive than the ones you are talking about but I am assuming my second one will last as long as the first and therefore the investment is worth it. Also, the quality is superb!