Does anyone here still use Velvia 100F Fujichrome (35mm)?

Jim, I think any Velvia is as hard to find as gold anymore. I looked at B&H and they show most all Fuji stuff is either back ordered or not even listed on the site anymore.
If you’re looking to off load or sell 100f in 35mm I would think eBay might still be a market.
I started using V-50 shortly after the earth cooled. Sadly, all of the stuff is gone. I switched to Kodak E-100 2 years ago for MF & LF and glad I did. It is much better for landscape stuff IMVHO. It was very sad to see Fuji unravel over time.

Paul, I used V-50 because of the great color (Kodachrome 25, too). I posted this because in my cleaning a closet I found 6 canisters (36 count) of unused 100F (if I remember correctly, it is not quite as good as 50 for landscapes). Have been stored in bag in the closet for who knows how long. Have no idea of their condition. Thanks for responding. Jim

You will be able to sell it without any problems, there are lot of digital natives out there that are fascinated by expired, badly stored film. Fuji no longer makes colour film (IIRC they repackage some Kodak, Gold I think), from the established, decent quality, manufactureres Kodak is the only one left. There are some new kids on the block, but making film well requires quite a lot of expertise, and making colour film is different from B&W yet, it’s not something that can be done consistently well in a garage. Also, E6 is nigh impossible to get developed nowadays. The situation is a bit better in B&W, with Ilford and Foma still in the game, but Kodak are doing their best to price themseves out of the B&W market; Ilford is trying to do colour now as well, but from I have heard the initial film is not so great. And yes, the 100F is a very different emulstion from the 50, personally I didn’t get on with it.

I used to shoot Velvia 50 120 years ago. I didn’t think anyone shot film these days.

@Tomas_Frydrych @christopher10 I used Velvia 50 in MF 120 roll film and LF 4x5 film for well over 30 years until about 2 years ago when Fuji Film Products went bust… :sob:
I’ve been gleefully using Kodak Ektachrome E-100 for the last two years with excellent results… :+1: :+1:
I think Fuji still tries to provide Provia off and on, but too edgy to count on a solid supply anywhere. I know previous long time NPNer Ben Horne still uses Provia in LF 8x10… :thinking:
As far as film users out there, Photrio (primarily film users), in Australia has usually upwards of 10k to 20k users on line at any given hour. Granted many are B&W film users including Home Brew darkroom old timers, but many are users like me. Shooting transparency film(s) and scanning for finished images… :clap:

@Paul_Breitkreuz I have some 120 provia in the freezer, rather like that film for landscape. :slight_smile:

For me the main difficulty with colour film just now is the cost of the chemicals, 5L kit for either E-6 or C-41 is ~£130; :sob: smaller decent kits are hard to come by and prices are even more silly, and the chemicals don’t keep, so it takes lot of film to make it work. Around here you can find places that will develop C-41 spools, but not E-6, not enough to make it pay. While colour is not my thing, I used to shoot some during the peak autumn, '23 was the first year I didn’t. I have some C-41 120 film + 4L of slowly rotting developer in the freezer, I’ll either need to use it this year, or cut my losses and put the film on eBay.

@Tomas_Frydrych it’s too bad about the chemical issues overall. I can truthfully say that I know zilch about darkroom needs and work processing. The last time I did ANY darkroom work was in 1968 at Cold Bay Alaska. That was some crude B&W processing.
Since those days I’ve always farmed my E-6 stuff out with very good results. Over the years I had primarily 2 friends who did it for a living. My friend in Carlsbad California I knew thru my Drag Racing years. He was the traveling NHRA photographer back in those days.
I hear you on the processing chemical(s) life span too. The photographers on are always posting threads on that subject. Again, totally out of my personal wheelhouse.

@Paul_Breitkreuz the short of it is that the C-41 and E-6 processes were designed for machines and are impossible to do right by hand, as the temperature is high, 100F, and needs to be kept within 0.15C, and if it’s off, you get a significant colour cast. However, for the modern scanning flow it is possible to do well enough by hand, because colour casts can be fixed in post. But if you have a reputable lab with proper equipment, it’s far preferrable. There are a few places in the UK that offer E-6 services, some even for sheets, but from the quick google earlier today, I suspect only one of them uses a proper dip & dunk machine for E-6, I imagine the volumes just are not there to justify the investement, and with so little E-6 film available it’s a visceous cycle. TBH, I expect E-6 doesn’t have much life left in it though I hope I am wrong about that. I shot nothing else through the '90s, I loved the versatility of it, you could do a big slide show, or get a nice Cibachrome print. Alas, Cibachrome is gone for good, very sad tale (I have 25+ year old print that my gran had on wall in direct sunlight without glass for most of that time, and it’s still like new).

I find Ektar 100 quite a nice landscape film for the 4x5, but again, not that much other choice in colour sheet film nowadays, just the two Portras, and now Ektachrome.

@Tomas_Frydrych it sounds like we have traveled much of the same path thru life. I use to do MANY Ilfochrome / Cibachrome prints. Much on display here at home and still have several 16x20 in a drawer hibernating. I just looked and there is still a lab doing it after 30+ years here in the LA area.
Yes, the dip tank process seems to do the job. As you mention, both C-41 & E-6. I just :pray: that Kodak keeps the E-100 going in 120 & 4x5… :+1:

@Paul_Breitkreuz they must have some old paper stock left, I think Christopher Burkett pretty much bought out the very last run of it ( I gather someone has been looking into restarting production, maybe Adox, but they run into some problems, IIRC, the exact cibachrome formula has been lost.

I’m not going to sell the 6 rolls of Velvia 100F Fujichrome film. If anyone wants it, let me know. I’m not sure how much shipping is. Jim