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I found this old battered guy out in the Mojave desert at an abandoned mine back in 2012. I was still shooting 4x5 in those days and this was Velvia 50 film.


What a wonderful find well photographed! The lay of the land behind the car suggests it might have come up that draw and expired right there. The color of the car is lovely – so much nicer than I would expect of rust. I always struggled with the contrast of Velvia in full sun but in a scene like this, it works well.

I really like this, Harley! There’s just so much of an untold story that I want to know! I really love the desert surroundings it emphasizes the abandoned, stranded feeling this gives me. I think the way you composed really makes that come through. I like the title too, sounds like a used car salesman trying to make a sale! :grin:

Excellent old looking gangster car…or maybe from the old Superman series era… :cowboy_hat_face:
Always kind of wonder how they ever get these low slung street vehicles this deep into the outback… :upside_down_face:
A wonderful find and a perfect fit for the 4x5 V-50 setup too… :sunglasses:

What a great find and what a great image. The composition, colors and BG are very good. I really like that the grille and the bumper still shines, as a perfect contrast to the rusted car body.

I dispise the litter and garbage people leave about in beautiful country, but old vehicles certainly don’t fall into that category.

I like the angle you’ve shot the car at showing plenty of gorgeous background to explore. It’s a wonderful composition.

Excellent image, Harley. The placement of the car in the scene is perfect.

Harley, the colors here are excellent. The car and its setting do leave you wondering about how it got here and what happened. I do like the great sense of distance that the peaks in the background create.

I’d watch the rest of this movie…if it was one. :slight_smile:

Great evocative image!

I especially like the way the car “doesn’t belong” in the landscape–for me that makes its presence all the more interesting–and the image all the better for it.