Sea Rainbow

Being a landlubber I hadn’t ever seen a sea rainbow till last December. Taken from dry land during rain in NE South Korea.

Specific Feedback Requested

The short end of a telephoto lens was not the best option, but it was all I had with me.

Technical Details

D500 + Tamron 150-600mm (@ 150mm). 1/400 f18 ISO 320

Mike, this is a great look at this rainbow, set off well by the crashing surf at the bottom. I had to look large to see that what I first though was an airplane taking off just beneath the bow is actually a bird (possibly an eagle due to the white tail). You’ve filled the frame nicely with the bow.

Great capture, and unusual! You don’t need to see the whole thing to appreciate it!

Thanks @Mark_Seaver - that was a White-tailed Sea Eagle. Thanks @Diane_Miller - this was actually almost all of the visible bow at the time. So the lens managed to get it in!