Sky Breaking Up

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


There is a human element in the image, and dont know if it fits into this category. The tripover from summer is beginning in our part of the world.

6DII, 24-105, ISO 100, F11, 25s

Technical Details

6DII, 24-105, ISO 100, F11, 25s

Hi Balan,
wow, this lightning strike looks impressive. I hope no one was harmed.
The composition with the lightning and the building is great.

What bothers me a bit are the Converging Lines. These occur when you tilt your camera up and the sensor is no longer parallel to the building. The building then looks like it is not straight.

You can easily fix that in LR or ACR. Here is a video explaining that:

But as you can see, you will lose some parts of the image. That’s why it’s better to keep that already in mind when you take the pictures.

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Jens … many thanks for your kind words. Sure am taking this as learning, Am mostly a macro photographer , and sometimes stray into some other areas …
Thanks again
Balan Vinod

Hi Balan,
yes, I already saw your awesome Macro and Birds images in your portfolio. Great stuff.

Always good to try different types of photography. And you caught an impressive shot here.

I also sometimes dabble in macro photography. But I need to be more patient. :slight_smile:

I’ve been traveling all week and just now have a chance to comment. I think the human element here is quite OK and very strong. This is definitely a nightscape! :slightly_smiling_face: Capturing the lightning was awesome, and the urban setting makes it even more impressive and scary. The lightning is very well detailed, with the one stronger bolt and the finer ones, and the light in the clouds.

The array of lights in the FG is very nice and the starbursts are a wonderful surprise to find. One idea would be to burn down the highlights right on the bottom edge and the brighter and stronger one in the LR corner.

@Jens_Ober has done an excellent job correcting the perspective, which I think is important for such a solid building. I think he has linked to a good video. Sometimes I will not go to a complete correction, to leave just a subliminal hint of the keystoning or perspective effect.

You should definitely stray from your normal images more often – as wonderful as they are, you have a unique and very nice image here!