Small Falls

Got a chance to head to my local national park after some rain.
Generally, I go down into the valley to capture the much bigger waterfalls which I did but spotted these on the way back up.

For the composition, the idea was to use the water in the foreground to lead the eye up and towards where the most luminance is in just above the right fall with the glowing trees. For supporting elements, I used the warping of my wide-angle lens to make it look like the trees in the top left and right are leaning in

Specific Feedback Requested

I’d love to know

What do you think of the composition, is there anything you’d suggest I could change or distracting elements?

How do the colours/feel of the image look? I was going for an ethereal/glow feel without too much saturation of colours

Is the image too dark overall and do the shadows look okay?

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
16mm, 0.4sec, ISO 320, f/13

edited in camera raw/photoshop with dodging/burning done there also - a bit of Orton glow and that’s about it


Hi Dale - this is a beauty and I can see why you stopped. I like the perspective and the subdued approach. Instead of being overwhelmed by the waterfall, I feel like I’m sharing a peaceful moment in a secluded place. So in keeping with your intent, here’s my re-imagining -

In Lr I did some lens correction/transform work, used an adjustment brush in the water to improve clarity and contrast and bring up the highlights, on the right to bring up shadows, on the bottom to reduce them, upped exposure and texture overall, warmed the white balance, made the yellows more orange and the greens a tad cooler, also dialed down the blues in the water, and brought it into Ps to remove some red leaves at the bottom that I found distracting.

YMMV, but I like the changes. It’s an area I would spend hours and hours in for sure.

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I like this image especially the mood produced from the lighting in the trees. I also however prefer the edit of @Kris_Smith because I think a little more exposure of the rest of the image makes it even more interesting.

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The concept and execution to achieve this composition is really remarkable to me. I have been trying to figure out how to use very wide angle lens on small scenes, so this is an eye-opener.
I think Kristin’s work helps the image, but the composition is the dazzling part to me. Cool!

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This is a very neat little waterfall, and I love the the look of the water flow, your shutter speed was perfect. In terms of composition, I think the image is a bit right-heavy as presented. The leaning tree in the URC, and the log in the LRC have a lot visual weight for me when viewing the image. I would suggest a crop from the right. In terms of processing, I would reduce the blue cast in the water. In terms of luminosity, I prefer the darker look in the original, as opposed to the brighter look in the rework by Kristen. Here is a rework with my stab at it.

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