Smartphone Photographer, Glacier Point

Image: Smartphone Photographer, Glacier Point

Description: An obvious opportunity surprised me when I was standing on a cliff already and this guy was risking his life in the foreground.

Specific Feedback Requested: How to improve? Might have thought to open up the lens and blur the background more. Also, the granite canyon was a bit overexposed, so I worked on it – but not sure if it still looks real.

Pertinent technical details or techniques: None

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This is kind of a 3rd person approach to the challenge subject but it’s a good representation of what it is like taking photos from a precarious position! I think it would have been even more spectacular if you had used a tighter aperture and got the details in the canyon. It would have helped with the overexposure also. I recognize that in this case the primary subject was the photographer but more focus on view is still my personal preference.

You’ve got some fine drama here, James. I like the detail and drama in the distant mountains as it adds well to scene. Having the distance a bit (but not a lot) soft works well because it focuses on the photog and his position, but tells the viewer why he’s out there. I do think that a small crop to remove the sky at the very top would be good.

I’m surprised he didn’t set up a tripod there! I’d also crop out the small piece of green tree in LLC.Very interesting shot, and he’s definitely on the edge.

Thanks Mike.

Thanks Mark – One of those surprise shots that’s fun to share.

Good ideas Gary. If I had been thinking strategically I would have shot this a lot of different ways, like maybe F16 for the drama as you said. And I should have put on my 14MM and joined him on the rock!