Smoky Mountains Gobbler

Shot this is January in the Smokies.

ISO 1600
Shot on RRS tripod with Wimberley gimbal head.

Full frame. In post, I sharpened the bird just a little bit, ran some noise reduction on the BG, added some red and blue saturation to the bird, added some global saturation to the BG, ran a levels adjustment using a Darks 1 mask, and dodged the eye a bit using a darks 3 mask. Pretty sure that’s it. All feedback welcome.


This is a very crisp turkey and I like the detail. The dark yellow brown spot along the lower RH edge pulls my eye a bit and would be an easy fix if you desire to do that. Otherwise, this portrait turned out quite well…Jim

I agree with Jim’s comments. I do not think the dark, yellow spot should be removed, just not so evident. It appears there are very light yellow areas on right side that it could be made to match.

Excellent portrait, Lyle. I like the inclusion of the semi-focused grass blades at the bottom.

Hi Lyle, love all the detail you captured with this. An outstanding portrait. Agree with removing the orange blob below. Well done!