I took this photo a couple weeks ago on a wet dreary day. I was looking down the stalk as the snail moved around. Full size vertical cropped from horizontal. LR and PS to try and tone down the ghosting around the shell… M5, 28mm macro, f/5.6, 1/100, ISO400, HH.

What technical feedback would you like if any?


What artistic feedback would you like if any?


Pertinent technical details or techniques:

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David: A fine comp and I like the color palette. A bit more DOF would suit me better but you’ve already got a fairly slow SS and anything slower HH would be a problem. Still a fine result. >=))>

David, this is a good look at this snail. I especially like the corrugations in its body. Yes, getting that one antennae sharp would be a nice addition. I am surprised that you got significant ghosting in a single shot image. As I have found out the hard way, that can be introduced in Lightroom with the Clarity slider. If it’s in the raw file, then it’s likely a lens issue.

Thanks @Bill_Fach, and @Mark_Seaver. Thank you for your comments. It is such a nice portable combo the M-5 and a small macro lens. I carry it along while out birding with a tripod and long lens. I would prefer to do macro from a tripod but it is a dilemma of what to take? What am I looking for? Hence not enough dof or focus point not quite right.
And you are right Mark. I went back to the RAW file. As soon as I adjusted the clarity slider the ghosting appeared. And thanks for that tip.

What a great find, David. The vertical works great for this little guy. I totally get it about not knowing what you will see to shoot when out, so what to carry. I can lug a tripod and not need it, or go without one and wish I had it. I think you did well HH for this close in of a shot. That is good info that Mark provided about the LR Clarity causing ghosting. I rarely use clarity anymore, as I use Topaz AI Clear to sharpen and remove noise, and that seems to be enough for me. Nice capture.

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Nicely composed as the two stems frame the slug. Agree with the rest on dof.