Snow Sprinkled Quiraing

Quiraing, Skye, Scotland

A sprinkling of new snow dusted the Quiraing just before first light and then rapidly started to thaw where the first rays of warm Spring sunlight kissed the velvety slopes of the Trotternish ridge. Where the sun could not as yet access the snow stayed turning blue from the reflected light of a clear sky.

Pentax 67II, 55-100 zoom, 0.45ND Hard Grad, f/22 at 1/2 Second, Fuji Velvia 50


Ian, This is really a beautiful scene. Wonderful light and color in this, great looking clouds and as always an excellent composition. Love this!

Hi Ian,
I really like this image: the color palette, the combination of warm and cool tones, the angle of light. It’s like all of the buttes or ridges are facing the sun, perhaps for its last warmth of the seasons.

No nits from me. I can imagine cropping a tish off the sky and going 5x7, but that’s purely subjective. I attached a sample of what I imagine with a crop.

I really have to get to Scotland. You keep inspiring me to keep it on my bucket list. ML

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Thank you Marylynne. You would undoubtedly enjoy Scotland. A lot of beauty packaged up in manageable distances.

Just gorgeous. The colors are quite striking. I love the way that tree reaches out from the rock.

This is just breathtaking Ian. I love the Golden and amber hues in the landscape. BTW - I remember that little tree.

This is really beautiful Ian. It is such a rich looking image, the light is gorgeous. The composition is complex, but well put together, you did a great job organizing all of the elements in this scene. I love the contrast of the blue snow against the warmcolors. In terms of cropping the top, I would suggest something in-between the original and @Marylynne_Diggs rework, leaving just a touch of blue above the main cloud.

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I like Ed’s suggestion. It crossed my mind that I went too far after posting my crop. Then again that main cloud is rounded in a way that makes any crop possibly awkward unless you get creative with cloning its edges, so you might play with this and end up with your original post version. I’m sure you played with all of this before even posting! lol


Always a pleasure seeing your work and this one does not disappoint. As opposed to others, I don’t think the image needs a crop. I think the blue sky is a good counterpoint color-wise to the majority of warm yellow and brown tones.

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Simply gorgeous Ian. The light is warm and special. I especially think the balance of elements is excellent and that you’ve given the snow-dusted ridge just the right amount of presence - to compliment the scene - rather than detract or dominate. Great work!


Damn, this is a beauty, Ian. The colors are just exquisite and the composition looks great to my eye. Personally, I wouldn’t change a thing.

I agree with this statement. This is just an excellent image for so many reasons.

Wow; lovely Ian. The snow is icing on a cake of beautiful color.