Jagged Shroud

Jagged Shroud

Sligachan, Skye, Scotland

A stunning winter morning of wind and swirling cloud did everything to emphasise the grandeur and austere beauty of the dramatic Black Cuillins peaks of the Sligachan cirque. I took several images together with a pine tree outline at its base but this simple composition of cloud and now you see it now you don’t shrouding of the mountains clarifies what I was seeing best.

Fuji GFX50S, (The old version) GF100-200mm lens (4 stitched images PS5).


Yes, Ian , I feel that your composition definitely presents what you saw and wanted to convey. It’s very stunning and there is a feeling of movement to it. I feel like I’m there and going to explore those mountains. Beautiful capture!

A striking image Ian! I love that single dark peak and how it contrasts so well against the other peaks that are surrounded by clouds.

A great image, Ian. B&W rendering was of course the correct choice. You have pressed the shutter in the exact moment giving a great mix of clouds and mountains tops. The very black mountains top is very striking.

Excellent composition, Ian. There’s a real sense of height, majesty, and grandeur.

Hey Ian! Really enjoyed looking at this one. Very moody and a very clean photo. Honestly just looking here the only thing I’d consider is some slight dodging and burning to shadows and highlights. Other than that keep doing what you’re doing!

This is a very appealing image, Ian. I love the mood and the mysterious feel that the image has. I’m not sure how you cropped this but I wouldn’t mind if there was a little more space on the bottom. Not too much, just a smidge.

This is really great ,Ian! Completely personal, but there is some really great drama in those clouds above the peaks. If you added some contrast in there I think you could really bring it out and apply it selectively to the top portions of the image and not effect the peaks. Really enjoying this one!

I think making that single peak darker than the rest was a good idea.

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I like your decision to leave out the pine trees at the base. To me the mountain peaks feel like they are floating, which is fantastic.

Wonderful image. I like the aspect ratio that concentrates your eye on what is important for the image. Well done.

This is a very striking and moody image Ian. The dark, unshrouded peak serves as a nice focus point.


Can’t help but repeat the word striking. Stark might even work, but not as complimentary. The peaks shrouded by the clouds - framed and captured beautifully. It is really striking that the single, triangular peak stands out so prominently.

I’m not sure it would make such a big difference, but wondering about taking this all the way to b&w with slightly more drama, contrast. But at this point it’s about personal preference and not a technical suggestion…


My only critique FWIW is that I feel like about half of the top part of the sky doesn’t add much to the photo. This could be improved by cropping it or making some of it a bit darker. Otherwise it’s a nice image!