This is another Iceland river glacial silt deposit images, taken from a small plane.

Specific Feedback Requested

Is there too little detail in the white sections? Should I crop it? For printing, any suggestions for paper, etc…? Any other feedback greatly appreciated.

Technical Details

1/1600", f/4.0, ISO 800. Processed in Lightroom: adjusted white point on tone curve, highlights, shadows, whites, blacks, texture, clarity, dehaze. No cropping.


Hi Bill – It is nice to see another of your aerial photos from Iceland. In this one, I love all the tiny ripples on the surface, along with the beautiful patterns. I think this could benefit from a crop. Specifically, I do not think the white band at the top adds much to the photo, so I think you could crop it out and the rest of the photo could still work. I also tried a more aggressive crop to focus on the part of the frame that I find most interesting (the right side). Here, I think the flow of the patterns works really nicely without the big voids of white as seen in the full frame version.

Without seeing the RAW or being there in person, I can’t say if the color is overdone but the blues do feel too strong for me. In my example below, I also desaturated the blues in addition to the cropping. With regard to your printing question, I think this could look beautiful on a pearl or high gloss paper, like a Moab Slickrock Metallic Pearl or Canon Platinum Pro.

Thank you for sharing this photo for my guest critique!

Sarah, I do like your crop. I agree that it gets more at the essence of the image. I tend to like more saturated colors, but realize that many find them too much, so thanks for reining me in. And thanks for the suggestions for printing. I am fairly new at it, so need all the help I can get.
I hope to see you at an Out of Chicago workshop/conference or some similar event in the future.