White on black

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


Snow on the rocks of the river

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Technical Details

Mavic 2Pro + Nisi Landscape polarizer


This is really nice, Jorma. I like the stark black and white character of the image, so much so that I’d suggest looking at it as completely black and white with all grays eliminated.

This is fantastic. Don’t change ANYTHING.

Wow - this is fabulous. I agree with Matt - don’t change anything. There’s a slight bluish tinge to the snow which fits the mood.

Superb Jorma! My imagination runs wild on this one. The ambiguity of scale is excellent. This could very well be an aerial photo of floating ice in Antarctica.

I agree with the others. I wouldn’t change a thing. Well done!

I agree with everyone else. Stunning image. Very nice graphical feel and well balanced.

Thanks a lot guys for the nice comments. It’s nice to photograph these, although you rarely get such a clear pattern. Usually these are really messy and require a lot of post-processing

Thank you very much Dennis for the nice comment. I have the graphic version you just mentioned, and I’m thinking about which one to put in the upcoming small abstract exhibition

I’m happy to see some of the subtle details in the snow in the larger version. Just a straight black and white wouldn’t be nearly as interesting without them.

Thanks Max! I applied those white details with Nik Color efex’s detail extractor plugin, which gives shades to the very even snow surface of a cloudy day

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This is fascinating! Quite graphic of course and most certainly abstract. Without any description, I would have no idea what this was. As presented, I get the impression islands broken off from a continent - most likely Antarctica! Also, many of those shapes look like various figures - you know, like when we look at clouds…

I don’t really have much in the way of suggestions or critique - this is very cool and quite unique.

I think there is some cloning/cleanup you could do on the left edge, but that’s pretty picky. A potential crop removing the top two rock “islands” would condense and simplify, but I’m not sure losing that dark open space up top would make this better, so I think best as presented.

Thanks for sharing!


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Have you considered removing (cropping out) the contiguous white area at the very bottom?

Thanks Igor. This can’t be done by cutting directly, but those white areas had to be changed to black. Just cropping left the bottom too narrow. It’s fine and works well