Ice lights

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


These small works of ice art can only be seen for a few days before the snow covers them. The colors are quite strange, so I reduced them to black and white

Specific Feedback


Technical Details

112mm / f16


I like this a lot, at first glance it looks like some kind of an ancient magic symbol, and that feeling remains even at closer examination. The vertical composition is slightly unsettling, which endorses the initial impression, seems like a good choice here. I was initially wondering if the edges of the bubbles were too white, whether turning the whites down a bit to allow the specular highlights only at the couple of places where they are strongest would be better, but on reflection I think that would destroy the overall feel of the image, it’s the clarity of the borders that creates the overall feeling for me. The B&W is perfect for this.

Thank you Tomas for the nice comment. I’ve been looking for that kind of somewhat mystical atmosphere here with a dark background and bright light lines. This is part of a series of four pictures that will be in the exhibition of abstract pictures in January

I like the treatment that focuses the attention on the borders of the bubbles and kind of eliminates the sense of what they really are, Jorma. The composition works really well. I could see the lower formation as a single glyph. If you have enough pixels available,it would make a fine stand-alone image.

Excellent work here Jorma! It feels like you stumbled upon an alien graveyard and these are the bones or fossils. The black and white edit was the right choice. I like how the lines of each ice object shines through. The composition and dark background work for me. Best wishes on your upcoming exhibition. Sounds exciting.

This is amazing and wonderful!! I can’t be sure what I’m looking at or how big it is, which makes it even more compelling. I think the tonalities are just right, and B/W is perfect for letting the abstract qualities predominate.

Very best wishes for the exhibition! Do we get to enjoy your other three?

Thanks guys! I just made the fifth one, which also seemed at first that nothing could be done with it. But when I transferred it to Nik Color efex, it changed everything and the image started to form in the direction I wanted.
It’s nice to do these when you don’t have to worry about any “rules” and just let it flow freely


Well done, Jorma! I love the glowing effect of the highlights/outlines. I agree with all the others about this image; intriguing and mysterious.

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