Snowy Egret Portrait

This is a heavily cropped portrait of a Snowy Egret taken with the Nikon D850 which has 45 MP to play with
I wish that the egret was turned 10 degrees to its right - would have allowed a little more exposure on the shadowed areas

Specific Feedback Requested

Open to about anything - any particular head position, more beak ?

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No


Sometimes these subjects just won’t cooperate, I usually wait around when the light is so beautiful. I like the preening image, Karl, a very natural daily activity . The feather highlights and details you’ve captured are wonderful. I like the blue water, it goes well with the pristine white of the Egret, I think just a touch blue in the shadow, probably from the ambient water reflection.

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I love this image, Karl. The lighting is just superb and I like the subtle way it spreads through the bird. The bluish shadows are natural and I like the effect they create. If I had to come up with a nit it would be to have just a touch more room on the top and left.

I have plenty of real estate @Dennis_Plank - thanks - will check it out

I like the pose, light and plumage detail. A little less blue saturation in the shaded plumage would be helpful in my opinion.

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Shadows should be a little blue I think - but I guess the Q is what’s the right balance

Hi Karl
I love the photograph. Having read the above comments, I did look at rebalance of the sun light.

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