Something New


This is a completely new area for me and a first try ever with multiple exposures! With that said, don’t hold back! I wanted to create a cross hatch effect with some of the fall foliage. I ended up with some colors that I’m not real sure where they came from, in particular the ghostly green color at the top and along the left edge. Some of this was created with blend modes, others parts were hand painted. It was a lot of fun to make. There is still some work I would do for “clean up” but when I saw the opportunity I knew I wanted to post something!

Specific Feedback Requested

Anything and everything! It appears I was too late for the critique with @Sarah_Marino but I guess the rest of you all will suffice :rofl:

Technical Details


Hi David,
I like this a lot. It’s like an abstract stained glass, but then the leaf textures come in, and that makes it even more interesting.

I did a little compositing with ICM a couple of years ago, and it was so liberating. I found that some of the colors (like in ICM) get mixed, and that’s part of the fun and surprise of it all.

For me, the horizontal band at the bottom makes it feel a little heavy and imbalanced. I like the room at the top for the verticals, and I wonder if you tried a crop to created that type of space, albeit with different colors or textures, at the bottom. Just a thought. This is really interesting and creative.

Looking forward to seeing what other suggestions you get.

Really fascinating result David! I remember you asking me about blend modes for this one a while back. I think it turned out great! I definitely see the cross hatch pattern and then the details in the leaves reveal themselves upon closer inspection. It’s great seeing you experimenting and having fun with multiple exposures.

The bright section at the top of center catches my eye so perhaps darken that area or crop in a bit. Same for the right edge as well.

@Marylynne_Diggs I see what you are saying about the band at the bottom. I’m hopeful that using @Alfredo_Mora 's suggestion of darkening the top a bit can create some balance. I will give those an adjustment and try to remember to share it here again! Thank you both for your suggestions.

Hi David - This is a fun abstract and I can see why you enjoyed putting it together. I saw the cross-hatching first and then saw the leaves, so they add a nice second dimension. My main point of feedback is to consider some color adjustments. For example, the yellow at the top feels really bright compared to the rest of the scene. So, you could consider backing off the saturation and darkening that area for a bit more harmonious color palette (if that is what you are going for here). I could also see this working well as part of a collection of similar multiple exposures.

David, there’s a lot to like here (as well as a lot going on, which is fun). Part of my philosophy on most abstracts is to get the viewer’s eyes roaming throughout the entire frame. That means having similar brightness, darkness and contrast throughout. Based on that, I agree with Sarah about the yellow at the top, but alos wonder about dodging and burning in other areas to get more evenness in the luminosity and contrast throughout. This would include dodging the darks coming in from the upper right corner and dodging the lighter tones along the left hand side. Here’s something like what I’d suggest.

20221022-HH Fall-131-Edit_Original ratio_2500x1668_U_30-2

@Sarah_Marino Thank you for the kind words! It was fun to play with for sure. I like the idea of building other images around it, I will have to keep an eye out for more opportunities like this!

@Mark_Seaver that top spot in particular came up a few times and was a bit of an eye sore for sure! I’ve added a new version that issue addressed as well as some other subtle adjustments. I’d love to hear if you think it works better now!

Dave, this version looks much better, with frame filling eye catchers throughout.