Sound with Post

More and more I identify music with my images. Sometimes music can convey the image more than words can. In fact, I often struggle to say verbally how images strike me. Words come up short somehow.

Is there any way that an image can be displayed with sound you want to associate with it? Is this technically possible? If so this would be highly desirable. For those who don’t want their silence interrupted there could be a mute button.

Basically the user would have the option to include a piece of music to be played when they submit there image. The viewer would then be able to see the image with or without the sound.

Perhaps this can already be done. A link could be provided to a youtube musical video in a different tab while you look at the image in the current NPN tab. Is this doable? If it is then why not give that option during the creation of a critique.

Does this sound like an idea that members might use? Is this too esoteric?

IMHO, I would go for the idea. Especially if muting were a possibility. Can’t even imagine the programing nightmare this could be though. Thanks for thinking of this , Igor.

Very interesting suggestion. I wonder about using another person’s music (like another person’s image) from a legal standpoint.

I think it’s a great idea Igor, I started pairing my images to music recently as well. You should be able to embed a Spotify player in here easily, but it’s not working for some reason. I’ll let know if/when that is fixed. In the meantime, you can easily embed songs on Soundcloud, or Youtube videos by pasting the link:

Jim, if the songs are embedded like this there is no legal issues, the views are still counted on the service. Uploading it here could be another story.

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You can embed Spotify now as well:

Here’s how to get the embed code:

You can add anywhere in your post. Let me know if you have any questions.