Spirit of the Bayou

Coming back to the dock after working with a Guide at sunset. I keep clicking even though I know I could not get anything with a long shutter from a moving boat.
After passing these up on my first cull, now a few months later I am intrigued by them.
I did not know where to post them, I feel they are abstract. Definitely not documentary.

Specific Feedback Requested

Is this abstract? I like the soft focus, tells the mood of the dark swamp.
your thoughts?

Technical Details

I consider myself a lens-based artist. I do whatever makes a compelling image.
I hope I do not lead viewers to think this is what I see. This is what the lens saw not what I saw.
After saying that the only adjustment I made was brightness.
PS I draw the line at composites.

Hi Steve, I don’t think this fits into the abstract category. Still a nice image. I can change the category to the Avian category if you would like. Thank you.

Aptly titled! Very intriguing feel to this photo. I love the colours too. Certainly worth posting whatever category it is.

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Agree with @Robena.Sirett - aptly titled! I wonder if the highlights on the bird could come down to blend better with the rest and make it a bit more ghostly/moody.