Spring peeper

While prowling for mushrooms the other day, I startled this adult spring peeper and it settled on a tree trunk. I can’t believe it was motionless enough for an 11-image stack, but it was. I’d loved to have been able to get one of the babies (they were everywhere and 1/2 the size of the inch-long adults), but they never sat still and I didn’t want to frighten one into a frozen state.

This is rotated 90 degrees from how I shot it and I think it works better this way. Should have used the LED panel, but didn’t want to cause it further stress. They’re so wonderful. You can’t see the distinctive dorsal X, but I like that I could get so much of it in focus from this angle.

Specific Feedback Requested

Anything helpful is welcome…also impressions etc.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Tripod w/CPL removed from lens. Focus bracketing using +4 step & 0/-/+ progression method starting with the forward eye.


Lots of software involved here - Lr for a big crop, the turn and general improvements. Zerene for the stacking w/PMax output, retouched for a smoother background. Photoshop to remove a hemlock needle from the background. Topaz Sharpen with Motion Blur and a mask on the frog’s face and leg only. The tiny creature was moving or vibrating just slightly and the software fixed it pretty well. So much effort for a little frog. Worth it to me.

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Definitely worth it!! Gorgeous setting – looks like (s)he knew you would make a lovely portrait!

Very nice portrait, Kris, of this lovely little guy. I just love the browns and the greens, and how you got such great eye contact too.

Thanks ladies. I was surprised it was still for so long. All the others I encountered shot off like they were made of rubber. Have a single image of a wood frog I’ll post in a day or two. It wasn’t much bigger than the peeper and in a very dark morph or possibly it was matching the wet leaf litter.

Great subject and very interesting technique!
I would love to learn it sometime.

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Beautiful! Love it! These guys are so cute and loud! I used to live in a place where the landlord thought it would be a great idea to have a ‘restful’ pond made in the backyard and these guys loved it and I didn’t get any sleep at night for a month! It’s a good thing they’re so cute! I really like what you did with this image.

Thanks @JRajput & @Vanessa_Hill - they are irresistible and unbelievably loud. But I don’t mind.

There’s a stacking thread here - Focus Stacking - feel free to ask any questions on how to get started or at any part of the process.

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