Spring versus Winter (Winter Aconite)



Winter aconite is a species of buttercup known for being the first plant species to bloom in late winter or early spring. After a severe ice storm and 2.5 inches of fresh snow, the plants manage to hold their own against the elements. For this image, I wanted to show the crystalline features of the snow and ice throughout the image as well as the details of the plant. The shapes of the dark areas and snow patches I thought might make a suitable composition for this micro-landscape.

Specific Feedback Requested:

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

Z9 105mm f2.8 micro + 1.4x teleconverter (1/200sec at f9.0, ISO 160) 50 image stack PMax Zerene Stacker, Topaz DeNoise AI, WB adjustment, Levels, Hue and saturation to desaturate reds, Brightness & Contrast, Crop for comp…Jim


Great capture, Jim. This photo had a lot in it besides the spring winter concept. I like the directions of the snow with the branch and the snow crystals near the edges. The image has good lighting and the snow brightness is very done. Well done.

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Love all of the curved lines and textures, Jim. The contrast between the lovely bud and the ice is . . . well, icying on the cake! Nicely seen and captured.

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Jim: A great find and equally great capture and presentation. 50 image stack :scream:! Superbly crafted image.>=))>

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I reckon you have fall in there too with the dead leaves - and the next flower in line poking up through the snow. This really shows the stacking capability of that camera as well as your artistry. Top shot, Jim!

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Gorgeous, with wonderful detail throughout! The plant looks like it would be a worthy subject without snow, too, cradled by the dead leaves.

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