Spring waters

Flowing water is always changing, especially when reflections are added to it. This is a spot I often visit and never come away disappointed, even if I don’t make a single image.

Specific Feedback Requested

In general what works and what distracts in the image? What feelings are you left with?

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
1/15, f/11, ISO200, Sony 55-210 at 140mm; minor adjustments and cropping in LR

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John, this is a lovely photo of flowing water. The rounded shapes of the water feel friendly to me. With that idea, I could picture this being brighter overall.

Hi John - I like the diagonal flow of the your image. I played around with your image in Lightroom increasing the exposure by 0.25, increasing the contrast 7 points. In addition, I raised the white and darkened the blacks as a suggestion. jrs-08027

This is a neat stream image. The colors are kind of unusual, I think there must be moss or algae adding to the greens and the water depth allows that to come through. Here is another vote for going slightly brighter. The warm colors create kind of an inviting mood, and going a little brighter would enhance that inviting feeling.

In terms of potential distractions, to me the only culprit is the white water in the lower right corner (LRC). I would address this by burning the highlights in the LRC, to keep the viewers eye more in the center. And maybe burn the right edge slightly too for the same reason. Here is a rework reflecting my comments.

Thank you. Good comment on the LRC.