Stalker Tangerine Sunset

Stalker Sunset Pano Skyline Appin, Argyll, Scotland

I rarely create stitched panoramic images in fact this is my first that wasn’t created directly in camera (I usually shoot exclusively with film) but the extent of this superb sunset across the calm water on Appin Bay on this extremely still evening at high tide and the smoothness of the sky’s colour gradient from twilight blue to tangerine to blood orange encouraged me to show off the full extent of what I could see from my viewpoint. I appreciate it will look a little bit understated in it’s 4:1 format on this website but I hope it works for you. I used Photomerge in CS5 and messed around with CS5 lens correction barrel and pin cushion distortion and minor perspective control.

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I also do not do many panoramic stitches, but this one has me thinking a bit about them. What I like is of course the beautiful orange glow, but it is the proportions of water and sky (4:1 format) give this a kind of minimalist feel that I find very appealing. This scene really takes me to the side of the bay on that beautiful calm evening. Well done!

A beautiful sunset and very well-composed. I love the placement of the castle. Processing looks good to me eye. Only thought is that I could see a version with a little more sky and a little less water.

Quite exquisite in the large version Ian, something these panoramas need to be able to breathe. Your color is gorgeous, and your simple elements are composed to give a very peaceful, almost dreamy, mood.