A few weeks ago I came home from a short holiday in France. I had been lucky to sea a glorious sunset at the Brittany coast (small image). A bit later, when it was darker, the sky turned into more vague colors. It is about this (larger) image that I like to hear your comments.
I like the mood, and for me this sky is more special than the firework that I saw earlier. What is your opinion? Is the image too dark? Do your prefer a different crop, or a different position of the horizon? Please shoot.

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

Pentax K5, Pentax DA 55-300mm @98mm, ISO400, 1/200sec, f/8.


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I too like the mood so much better in the first version, Han. The other is a pretty sunset, but the first image has an air of mystery to it that I find much more enjoyable. If this were mine I would crop some from the top and get rid of some empty sky making it more of a pano. I would also use levels to brighten it just a little, but not enough to destroy the mood. I hope you do not mind, but here is a repost with what I was thinking.

Thank you for your repost, @Ed_Lowe. I like the pano crop and I understand why you prefer to brighten it a little.
As we both agree, the small image is, well, just a nice sunset. Couldn’t resist to push the button a few times. But the mood afterwards was special, with more subtle tones and wavy patterns in the sky. Glad I stayed some more time.