Just after sunset

Two weeks in Normandy and Brittany, France, didn’t bring me a lot of nice coast images (the weather wasn’t with me, too), but fortunately I found this field next to the campsite where I was staying. It was late in the evenening, after sunset, and I was surprised with a nice sky and the last light of the day on the hay rolls in the field.
I tried to make the trees at the end of the field not too dark, to keep the hazy look

Specific Feedback Requested: I cropped a bit off the top of the image. Maybe crop more and make a more panoramic image?

All other feedback welcome.

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

Pentax K5, Sigma DC 17-70mm @67mm, 1600ISO, f/8, 1/125 sec.

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Han, what an incredible sky. I love it. I do think cropping the bottom to remove (not sure what those are) in the foreground and making it a panorama accentuates and makes the sky the subject, as it should be. Wonderful image and would make a great print on the wall.

I am new to the network so very much in the learning process of these critiques. I like the hay bales(?) in the foreground as they lead my eye to the mid-ground trees and then the lovely sky.

While I like the hay rolls as a leading line, I think it is too cramped to be effective and it’s got quite a magenta cast. If it’s a crop you could loosen it up I think. Otherwise, the light and the richness are a sight to behold. Very restful and inviting. A pano crop could work if the midground could be extended by adding canvas in Ps and using Content aware fill.

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Thank you, @DeanRoyer, @David_Bostock and @Kris_Smith for your constructive comments!
Interesting, Kristen, that you think that the hay rolls are too cramped as a leading line. There is no more in the file to loosen it up, but I took another image a few minutes earlier, with more space. But with the rapidly changing light the sky is pretty different. It would be possible to combine the images, but when I shot the posted one I deliberately framed it to have the line of the hay rolls come from the corner. From your reaction and that of @David_Bostock who suggests to remove them completely, it is clear that not everyone is sharing my opionion :blush: