Stellar Haircut

I’ve been getting quite a few shots of Stellar’s Jays coming in to my backyard feeder lately. I liked how this one was showing off its hairdo for me.

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
D500, Nikon 200-500 lens, Nikon 1.4 TC, 1/1000th, f 8.0, 400mm, ISO 1600, monopod, AI Clear, cropped to 4209 x 3236


It’s a good look at this jay, and you’ve got a nice perch. Details seem pretty smooth, like you ran NR over the whole image, and the background is kind of bright and busy.

Hi Dave
Have to like the hair tuff. This photo is framed nicely, the Jay has a regal pose, with good eye contact, detail and coloring.

Beautiful photo, Dave! These guys are hard to catch! I usually see them on a hike I take at a nearby park but they’re always in the dark woods or in a pine tree, and with them being dark it’s hard to make them stand out in a photograph! So it’s really nice you had a light contrasting BG to really make him stand out! Nicely done!

A nice bird,Dave . I don’t see too many images of this one. I like its perch and trhe profile shot; but I think the image might benefit from burning the background highlights. The bird looks a little overexposed.

Looks like excellent detail in the bird, interesting light and I love the perch! The head is very dark on the few I see but maybe there are variations?