Stilt in Its Environment

Hi All,

It’s been snowing in D.C. for 3 straight days, so I went back to a warmer time and found a photo I think is interesting. I seem to be on a small-in-the-frame kick lately. I’ve never been too good at these, so I’m interested in people’s thoughts.

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
ISO 640


There’s a lot to like where there’s a pleasant scene with a bird in it. I’m enjoying the colors in this scene, which by itself might not be a keeper, but with the bird, creates a nice image. Nice pose. BTW, I wasn’t able to enlarge the image.

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Thanks, Allen. I just reuploaded the image. Should be able to enlarge now.

I echo Allen’s thoughts. The nice colors caught my attention, first and, when enlarged, the bird has nice details. I like this a lot.

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I like this quite a bit - it has a quiet energy (anticipating a lift off or a flap), but it’s also serene because the wings are so still and crisp. Great light, too.

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Hi Lyle
The low angle and worm sun, set this photo up for great start. The wing
extension and detail is great. Nice work.

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It certainly works for me. A really nice pose from the bird, nice warm colorful bg and water looks good. I also like that you did not clip any of the bg bushes. Well done. Bird in the environment.

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A lovely image, Lyle. The pose and light are superb and stilts are so elegant that they make any pose look great, let alone this one. The background is awesome. If I’d change anything, it would be to slice just a bit off the left, but that’s definitely a judgement call.

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Thanks, @Dennis_Plank . I agree about needing to come in from the left.