Storm Clouds

This is a scan from a slide shot in Central Missouri. Yes, the clouds were really that black and opened up to release the downpour. The focus isn’t the sharpest, but it shows the power of the storm.

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Is this a composite: No

Wow those clouds are dark!

Thanks for the reminder of how film looks - especially slide film which is a positive the minute you develop it. We do so much manipulation these days…things that mimic how we see with our eyes and brains, that it’s interesting to go to a film image to compare. I recently went through a bunch of my negs and slides and was astounded at the difference. Now I just need to update my scanner software and I can start to look back at my work and see what’s worth processing.

Very cool, Merle. I grew up in Southern Michigan many moons ago and I remember summer thunderstorms that looked like this. A very intense image.

Kris, Dennis - Thank you for looking. With the lockdown I was able to scan in over 4000 slides and dump quite a few. As you said Kris, the difference between slides and digital becomes obvious when compared side by side. Dennis, we had one storm come thru Missouri where almost the entire sky was pitch black. I took several shots and they were so black they looked phoney. I ended up deleting them because no one believed they weren’t P-Shopped.

Yes, slides did not have the dynamic range that digital does, so they do have a tendency to be dark. I especially like the bit of lightning in the upper left. The darkness here does a good job of setting off the storm in the center.