Under threatening skies

This storm swept in from the west and I ran around the countryside like crazy trying to find a way to shoot it. It’s from September 2016 in central Wisconsin. I actually never got caught in it which was pretty great. Just got to feel that wind and watch the sun disappear for a while under those amazing clouds. The light gets really weird sometimes with conditions like this so I went with it and tried to emphasize it with processing.

I hope to see lots of other fantastic formations with this Weekly Challenge.

Specific Feedback Requested

Did a little creative white balance to bring out the menace above. Did I go a step too far?

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Lumix GH3
Lumix G Vario 12-35mm f/2.8 lens @ 21mm (42mm equiv.)
f/7.1 | 1/200 sec | ISO 320
Handheld on the side of the road in the wind!

Lr processed for white balance, cropped a good bit of the corn field, worked those highlights, contrast & texture. Did a little adjustment brush on the lower open areas where some peachy/pink tints were visible. Reduced clarity & exposure on the field. Isolated sharpening and overall NR.


Great sky and scene. The sky looks a little off to me. I tried backing off the blue quite a bit and preferred the look but that might not be what you had in mind. A fine result from some storm chasing.

Nice shot. We used to see this quite often in Kansas and Missouri. The concentration of heavy clouds around the rain streaks makes it. I like the crops in the foreground to set the scene of the storm.

The wide open plain and expanse of sky are really cool and I love the falling rain in the distance. The clouds are very well defined and threatening. There’s a great mood to this image.

Kris, this is a fine catch of a prairie thunderstorm, with the big arcs of rough clouds and the falling rain in the distance. The golden fields at the bottom set of the sky well.