Storm Light

Fleeting light breaking through the clouds on a stormy autumn afternoon. I chose a telephoto for this shot as the foreground didn’t have either the direct sunlight or stormy darks so I decided to just the foreground out of the frame to focus on the ridge-line.

Any commentary is welcome.

What technical feedback would you like if any?

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

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200mm, 1/400s, f10, ISO 400

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Nathan, nice image, the color combination of blues and gray granite are very fine. Almost wish there was more of the great granite ridge Iine.

The trees really add to this image; they provide a sense of scale that increases the impact of the image for me. I enjoy the abstract quality, and that one strong diagonal.

Not better, rather options, but a square or vertical crop that removed that contrasting lrc would be nice too.

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Such a dramatic image, not only because of the contrast but also the powerful diagonals. I would love to see this in monochrome. Although the colours work, it just feels to me that this image isn’t really about colour but rather the lines - the strong diagonals where the rock meets the sky but also the diagonal line of trees running parallel in the lower left of the frame. And then there’s the diagonal striations in the rock itself. As much as I like what you’ve done here, I think B&W would be a horse of a different colour :upside_down_face:

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