Stormy Sunrise

I was camping in Jasper National Park in late November and there wasn’t much happening on this morning as far as light or colour. There was some fast moving clouds moving across the mountain and I managed to get a long exposure shot before the peaks were engulfed and visibility was reduced.

What technical feedback would you like if any?


What artistic feedback would you like if any?

I remember the light being a bit dull but the colour of the water was still amazing and I’ve added contrast for effect. I’m going for something with a bit of mood.

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

32mm, 30s, F8, ISO800

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Nathan, I like this image a lot, I think you were pretty successful at creating mood here. I like the composition, the diagonal of the rocks is a powerful leading line. My only nit is that I wish that there was slightly more breathing room below the 2 rocks at the bottom edge of the frame, but hey at least you didn’t clip them :smile:

If it’s not a typo, and was really taken at 30s, F8, ISO800 you must have been shooting in something almost approaching total darkness. Given that, this looks pretty darn good.

The processing looks really nice in this scene and I am thoroughly enjoying the aquamarine color of the stream. I also like what the long exposure has done to the clouds along with the stream. The lighter area of the peak with the snow helps direct the viewer to that area and is a nice focal point. Really nice mood here.

Thanks @Ed_McGuirk and @Ed_Lowe.

Yes it was almost total darkness and it was a 30s exposure it was a sunrise shoot that didn’t happen. I’d have to say that I enjoy dynamic weather in the mountains as much as a good sunrise and the it always seems to be changing in the Canadian Rockies in autumn

I’m really liking this, especially the cloud shapes created by the long exposure. Comp is good also. I feel the water is a bit bright for the scene JMHO

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Excellent! This came out wonderfully. There is much to enjoy about this and I think all the elements combine together beautifully. First, I think the long shutter speed really did wonders for the clouds - they have a glow - almost a stormy glow adding a nice dynamic to the scene. The snow-dusted peak is a solid element and I’m really loving the color of the glacial run off. And then how the river gently curves around the rocky shore really completes this for me.

Well done, no nits or suggestions.


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