Stormy Sunset Over Azusa Canyon, San Gabriel Mountains, California

Stormy Sunset Over Azusa Canyon, San Gabriel Mountains, California - I originally shot this photo around Thanksgiving in 2008. Recently reprocessed a bit darker than the original to reduce impact of smog since this is Southern California after all.

What technical feedback would you like if any?

What artistic feedback would you like if any? Does the dark processing work for you?

Any pertinent technical details: Processed the RAW in Lightroom then I used TK Luminosity and saturation masks in Photoshop.


Wonderful moment in time - catching the sun just as it breaks through. I think the darkness is appropriate given the conditions.

As an alternate suggestion, I was thinking of a small crop off the bottom. One, the length of the cloud line and light streaking across the valley is suited for a more narrow format. Second, you might consider cloning or with that slight crop off the bottom, eliminate that light patch - either a building, parking area? not sure. But that’s really picky.

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Richard, nice moody image here, I like the darker processing, I like the strong use of diagonal lines that pull your eye across the frame, nice positioning of the mountains. I agree with Lon, a slight crop from the bottom might help, perhaps just above the bright square patch in the LRC. There is also a small flare dot at about 8 o’clock relative to the sun that could be easily cloned away. But overall, nicely done, it has a lot of mood to it, I think the smog actually helps in that regard.

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Thanks @Lon_Overacker @Ed_McGuirk - nice catch, I didn’t notice the bright patch at the bottom. I think that is a pullout or part of the OHV area.

Boom! what incredible light mate.

The darker processing 100% works for me for sure.

My only critique relates to the redness around the sun. Normally as you get closer into the sun you lose a little saturation due to the brightness of the light. Here, particularly to the top of the sun it’s a really vivid red - far more than the rest of the light. Dialling that back and making it a little more atmospheric will really help a lot.

I also agree with Lon’s comment re a tiny crop above.

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Thanks Sam. I’ll see what I can do about the sun, I think there is some posterization going on there.

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