Summer Swiss Ice Sculpture

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Image Description

Came upon this while inside a glacier up by the Matterhorn.

Technical Details

Hard held. Leica M11 Monochrom 24/1.4 @ f3.4, ISO 3200, ss 1/750. Slight crop.

Specific Feedback

Any feedback appreciated.

Ice sculpture? What a neat thing…and comparatively it would last a lot longer than one typically does. Looks like a man pouring something from a pan or pot into a well or giant bucket or something. Mining? Forging? And he’s wearing an apron…that’s such an interesting detail. Were there more? Looks like it might be part of a display or tour. Pretty neat whatever it is.

Being in the high area of Switzerland, I assumed he was pouring milk into a vat for making cheese. Just my assumption. Yes there were more sculptures of cows and sheep. Also there was an ice tunnel slide to get one from an upper level down to the next lower level. Just a display to show what is possible inside an actual glacier very near the Matterhorn.

Cheese! Why didn’t I think of that? What with being in Wisconsin and all…

Must have been a cool exhibit to see. Sorry. Bad pun.