Sculpted In Ice +reworked x2


Sculpted In Ice 2x3 crop

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


A helicopter took our photo group up to the Fox Glacier, So. Island, New Zealand. We were given crampons and walked on the glacier for about 45 minutes. I was put at the head of the line because the guide decided she needed to hang on to me. It was a very wise decision, given how difficult it was for me to maintain my balance. The only time I dared to move was when she had my hand.

Specific Feedback

General feedback on the composition and aesthetics would be appreciated. I also need your opinions on cropping the image. I prefer the tighter crop, but there may be a better way that I am not seeing.

Technical Details

It was taken with my Sony - Cyber-shot, ISO 160, f/9, 1/160 sec. [the best pocket-sized camera around, in my opinion]

I processed it in LR and PS with Topaz Denoise, Nik Color Efx Pro 5, and TK9 luminosity masking.

might be interesting to see how the image looks rotated counterclockwise
@Alfredo_Mora Does this now look like a mountain? I am not sure.


I find that I prefer the second crop, Barbara. I’m amazed at how much differently I react to them with the second being much mellower to my taste and the first being almost in-your-face with that darker bulge. However, I very much suspect that this is going to be a matter of taste and you’re going to get a lot of different opinions. If I were processing this image, I would probably have attempted to smooth out the rough texture and tone down the shininees in that one area of the bulge, but once again, that’s just my taste.

I like the changes, Barbara. There’s just a hint of a sharp edge where you worked on it-maybe a very low transparency clone from the lighter colored areas around it along that edge? But that’s really being picky. I really like what you did to it with the modification.

You caught it about the same time I did. I redid it and came back online to dump my post and upload the second rework on the picture. , and you had already posted. So here is the edit to take care of that line, and it includes the other changes you have suggested regarding the crop and the bright spots in the “bulge”. I also lightened the bulge, which is what caused the line you referenced.

That took care of it, Barbara. Sweet image. I love the lines, shading and organic feel of this.

Barbara, this is a very soothing image. It is interesting to tie it to the story you told us about the expedition. Like the other feedback you got, I also prefer the 2x3 crop. I would suggest placing the third edit on the top so that we can scroll from one image to the next without having to search for this last edit. If you’re not familiar on how to do that, here it goes.

(1) Just click the pencil icon to modify that title first. Add +rework or +re-edit to the very first line of your post that shows the title.

(2) To add the re-edited image next to the original one, you’ll click on the pencil icon at the bottom of the original post. You are then taken to the edit mode of your entry. You already labeled the first two images. So, when you add the third, you can add a caption below it. That will help viewers know which image they are looking at, if not completely obvious. By doing this, when we click on the first image, we can keep clicking on the arrows to see the others. It’s a lot easier than scrolling up and down.

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Thank you, I have not figured out how to do this. I hope this is OK. @Egidio

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Barbara, wow it sounds like you had quite the adventure with the helo ride and then a trek on the glacier. I like what you’ve done on the edited version of the image. The blue tones are quite striking and I like the sweeping lines of the ice.

I keep trying to rotate the image in my head to a horizontal orientation. That might be interesting to see how the image looks rotated counterclockwise. The light section (currently the left side) may give off the appearance of a snow cover mountain as an example.

Barbara, it appears you got it done. The re-edit is at the top along with the other two images. The only thing I don’t see is the post title name change. That is not a big deal if you choose to keep the title as originally posted. It’s all good.

I tried to change the name. Do you do it by clicking on the edit icon next to the name of the post? That is what I did.

Hi Barbara. Click on the edit icon at the bottom of your original post. You can then idit anything in the post including the title.

Thanks, Dennis. I am a slow learner.

Lots of these things aren’t obvious and I’m not very good at them either, except the ones I use regularly.

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This is fantastic! My very first thoughts were: Contemporary, modern, fine art. I can envision seeing this hung in a fine art museum or gallery. Love this!

As to the edits, I prefer the one that is currently posted first in your post. The fine details of what I’ll call “high speed splash” - I think that area works better softened. While I don’t mind the detaiils per se, but it does make the image look like water or some liquid with a little splash popping up. With that area softened, it’s much easier to enjoy the bigger scene, the shapes, forms, tones and color. All of which are beautiful.

My only thought was would be a shorter crop (from top) say more towards 4x5 format, and certainly vertical. But at this point it’s all a matter of personal choice.

This one is a beauty no matter how you slice it. well done Barbara!


Thanks @Lon_Overacker for your very generous comments. I tried a crop but am not sure about it , but I certainly take your suggestion as another possibility. I agree about removing the “high-speed splash”. That allowed the colors and shapes to be the focus. I am so grateful for this site and the kind feedback I get.

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