A few days at the royal forest Oranjewoud ( friesland , the netherlands). The light was beautiful during our stay.

Specific Feedback Requested

All feedback is welcome as always !!

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Nikon D850, F16, 1/40, iso320 handheld, 24-70 at55mm,

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This has a lovely, soft, beckoning feel for me Ben; it invites me to walk right into it to explore. I know in the past you’ve used tinting for mood in you images; I’ll assume that’s true here too.

Gorgeous as always, Ben. The light is so soft and the colors lush. Maybe bring down the trunk shadows a tiny bit? Is there a lake behind them? Maybe just more undergrowth…either way it sets them off really well. Cropping the far right tree makes the composition a little stronger, IMO. Really lovely.

Very inviting scene. I like your DOF choice to soften the BG trees.

I can feel myself wanting to push my way through the gorgeous sunlit undergrowth to follow the subtle pathway that leads into the tall trees. It’s a wonderful image to explore.

I wonder about the yellow colour in the sky?..or perhaps it’s trees in the background.

@John_Williams , @Michael_Lowe , @glennie , @Kris_Smith , Thank you for your comments. Maybe I did play a little to much with color grading in TK8. I did a rework after reading the comments. I don’t know if it’s better. For the whole of the image I think I will stay with the original . But as always is the fun in photography the personal taste.

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I like your RP, but I think you are right. The first image “feels” better. Have you played with the yellow colour throughout the image or just the sky? The foreground plants seemed to have lost their dazzle.
Would you consider cropping most of the sky out?