Sunrise at Serra da Estrela with Repost

Specific Feedback Requested

C/C welcome

Technical Details

Nikon D810
Nikon 16-35

@Matt_Payne sugestion (much apreciated)


This image is about color in my opinion. You have intensified them somewhat and made them stand out more. I have been recently been reading Kandinsky’s book on color and his words struck me when I saw this. He states that warm colors, particularly yellow, jump forward while cooler move back. Here the weight of the colors stronger above but you raised the luminosity of the blue flowers and counteracted that color weight and brought the attention back down. There is also a layered composition here as we go from bottom to top, which works quite well.

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Hi João. I also really like the color in this shot. It almost feels abstract in the way the colors flow across the photo. The purple colors of the flowers are nice and compliment the orange of the rock in background. As a critique, the colors are there but the way you’ve composed the photo it does not have a clear subject for the eye to focus on and lead you into the photo.


Wonderful. I love the layers of color you’re crafted in this image. Classic near/far composition, yet it’s also seemingly “compacted” (the near/far). Said another way, there’s a lot packed in to this tight composition - Am I thinking too tight? like it needs more space? I don’t think so… just trying to explain how I’m seeing this. But for sure as Igor points out, the colors dominate here and are beautifully balanced.

This would/will make an outstanding print!


I’ll also echo the color mix stands out, with the cool below contrasting the warm above. I really like the rainbow the purple flowers make at the bottom.

I love the color variation and story here Joao! The only part that distracts me is the really bright highlight area upper right - wondering if you had a way to blend in another exposure to clean that up or another way to fix that. Otherwise its a really nice scene!

Nice work on the rework, João. the sky looks quite natural now. I really like the near/far feeling of the image. A very nice image all around. It would look great printed large and framed on the wall.

Looks a lot better! =)

This is really a beautiful scene that you’ve captured here Joao. This is about colors and also layers. I see three distinct layers here. The foreground with the green bush being surrounded by the purple flowers leading into a transition of taller and complimentary oranges and yellows followed by the rocky outcropping and the sky. I find the colors and tones to be rich and captivating. There is a lot going in this shot but I think it works well since there are transitions through the image. It’s not chaotic. Nice job toning down the sky.