Sunrise Eagle at Bosque Del Apache

I returned a couple of days ago from Bosque Del Apache NWR after leading another workshop there. This image was captured the day before the workshop started when I was out scouting for the latest stuff going on. Sunrise was great and this eagle flew in and landed nearly in front of me. I moved over a few feet, got lower and captured this frame. I raised the shadows in the eagle just a touch to reveal a hint of the white head / tail.

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Full Frame
Olympus EM1-X
300mm f/4 with 1.4x TC
1/3200, f/7.1, ISO 2000 (clearly didn’t need that high an ISO, but I was shooting other things in the shadows earlier)


Awesome environmental, Keith. And great job getting the detail in the eagle. I think this works very well.

The colors are superb and there is eagle plumage detail.

Very nice!. The background blur shows that you obviously know how to use a telephoto lens!

I like the colors and you blurred the background well. I think I might have zoomed in more on the eagle or cropped the photo to make the eagle a more prominent part of the comp. Nice job pulling out the white head and tail.

Thanks everyone for your thoughts and comments. I know there isn’t a right answer on cropping, but the reason I chose to leave this as full frame is largely my thoughts as shared in this article. I still believe that too many of us try to fill the frame and it doesn’t add to the quality of many, many images. For each image, we all need to make that choice. Again, not implying there is a right or wrong answer.


I hear you regarding the cropping and agree that it often makes sense to include the environment. I wasn’t suggesting a huge crop, just zooming in a bit. Very subjective I know.

Wonderful mood in this images, I the bird is well-positioned in the frame. Love the space around the bird. Great work! Hans