Sunrise, Outer Banks, North Carolina

Image Description

It was a windless morning, no one else on the beach. A sliver of the moon added to this magical scene.

Specific Feedback and Self-Critique

The stillness of the morning, the surf slowly lapping at the shore, magical light, all these factors were inspirational. I would like to see if my rendition creates the same mood to the viewer.

Technical Details

Nikon D850, 24-129 mm lens at 40mm. 10 second exposure at f11, ISO 64.

I was immediately drawn to the picture. I love the dreamy colors and the gentle movement of the water. Really looks amazing. One thing I wonder about is the location of the wave breaker and its direction in the frame. I feel like it is blocking the second upper part of the picture and wonder if you can turn the picture a little so it will seem directed towards the back and not the left. I hope it makes sense. But really lovely picture. Thanks for sharing.

As I composed the image, I wanted to capture the warm light on the rusting jetty and at the same time keep the moon in the upper right. As I rotated the camera, I lost the moon. In addition, If I went too far the sun was just on the horizon and I did not eat it to be in the image as it would immediately draw you eye. I appreciate your comments.

I guessed that in the field you couldn’t compose things differently. It happens to me too when there is just no way to capture everything I want in the way I envision it. The nice light doesn’t always cooperate. I was suggesting making the change in post processing. I lightroom you can play around with the picture and try to rotate it to a different angle or alternatively to use the warp tool in photoshop. These are nice tools that can create in post what the universe didn’t allow…

Thanks for the feedback. I will explore your suggestions

Hi Paul!
For me this is a perfect example of a peaceful & quiet morning. The jetty and the beautiful light almost gives me a feeling of loneliness (“Sittin’ on the dock of the bay”). I love how the warm colors blend with the cooler sky. I understand the moon could be a nice catch, however I feel it as a slight distraction. I included another version here, hope that’s OK.

That works! Thanks

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I would say that you were successful in capturing the peace and solitude you experienced that morning for the viewer, Paul. This looks like a great way to start the day as the soft warm light on the rusting jetty is particularly nice along with the combination of warm and cool colors in the sky. I do like the version @gary19 posted without the moon as it pulled my eye toward the URC as well. Either way you go this is beautifully done.

Thank you for your kind comments. Paul