Sunrise Pt Bryce Canyon

I have been traveling and also started working with more focal length in a lens creating panorama. This one at Bryce was in the morning time on a tripod with my 6D ii and the 28-70mm at 70mm ISO 200 1/125 at f/18. I did about 10 shots in portrait mode but only moved about 30 percent of the time to help Lightroom put it together. So I welcome any input on ideas to consider. I do like the photo and wanted to make a large print, which is why I did a panorama.

I think this is a nice postcard type of image but lacks a strong design. It more or less shows a beautiful subject without showing what’s beautiful about it. It’s busy. I would focus on composing an image with a composition of lines, shapes, and colors that work together as a unit as any work of art does. That’s the direction I would concentrate on as a photographer.

Nice colorful snapshot pano. Orange and blue colors are appealing. However, the image seems to lack a clear subject or lines to lead one’s eyes into the image.

While everyone pursues landscape photography for different purposes and reasons, my reaction to this image is similar to the comments from @Igor_Doncov. While the image demonstrates technical skills in creating a panorama, it does have a “postcard” appearance to it. It was taken with a mostly blue sky with few clouds, and it looks like it was taken later n the morning, and not at first light. Shooting earlier in the morning likely would have resulted in a more dramatic image.

In terms of composition, the biggest concern for me is that there area number of cut off hoodoos along the bottom edge, which I find distracting. I might have zoomed in further, and place more emphasis on the large hoodoo formation in the center of the original image.

Well everyone agree to what I was thinking, I think the 70mm was a little too small. I did another one with the 100-400 lens. I will post a older photo taken years ago