Sunrise Reflection

Sunrise Reflection Inverness Beach, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada.

The sun is just about to rise above the hill which is behind me. Sometimes the best sunrise color and drama is looking away from the actual sunrise point.

This is a fairly old image (2010). I am putting together a exhibit for a local library in March and decided I want to focus on one of my favorite places - Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

I know it has been a while since I posted anything so I may be a little rusty.

Specific Feedback Requested

General input on processing, composition and color. All critiques and input welcome.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon 5D Mark II
Canon TS-E 24 mm f3.5L II
1 sec f/11 ISO 100

Processed in LR with minor adjustments in PS


Love this image and the calm feelings it evokes. It reminds me of the lagoons I like to shoot in Baja. I don’t know how I feel about the birds though. Oops. The ‘birds’ turned out to be dust on my monitor.

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Love this composition with sweeping curve and balanced with the rise on the right. The reflection is interesting and TME not over processed. I am thinking just a touch down on exposure would really add to the image, obvious;ly subjective though.Beautiful image Eva.

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I’m so glad you decide to look the other way, it paid off for you big time. The colors looking the other way are often a pleasing array of delicate pastel colors in the sky, just like you have here. And it’s good to see you posting Eva, you are definitely not rusty.

With clouds and a reflection like this, it does beg to be shot with a 50/50 horizon, both parts of this sweeping view are very pleasing. But in your composition you made perfect use of the arc of the shoreline on the left. This shoreline takes this image up a notch, gives you the best of both worlds, the sky and its reflection, and more dynamic look beyond just a mirror image reflection.

My only suggestion would be a very, very slight darkening of the sand in the LLC. But that is a nitpick, this is a great image.

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Eva, This really is a beautiful image. The quiet and calm feel is wonderful and I love the soft colors. Excellent work with the composition here with the curved line of the sand leading you right through the image. I like this alot! I remember seeing several of your pictures from here years ago and always enjoyed them so much.

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@Igor_Doncov , @Ed_McGuirk , @Mario_Cornacchione , @Nick_Bristol - Thank you all for having a look and for your comments and input.

Beautiful capture, Eva! Such a great tranquil mood. The reflection looks a little bright to me compared to the sky. I played with a gradient mask and a little curve and liked it. Something to maybe play with, anyway. Really nice work!

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A beautiful, simple scene, Eva, and many times they’re the best ones. I love the color in the clouds and also the reflection!

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So beautiful, Eva! I love skies reflected in water! As if the sky needs to look any bigger! Beautiful colors, beautiful composition!

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Wow, just gorgeous! It’s very calming, but expansive, too.

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Eva, I knew this was your photo even before clicking on the image to see your name. You have a clear style with your images and that’s a good thing! Beautiful photo and glad to see you are posting photos again.

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