Sunset At Leidig Meadow

Reworked with the suggestions from @Patrick_Campbell

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


Half Dome reflected in the lake at Leidig Meadow was the challenge I set for myself during the Yosemite photo workshop.

Specific Feedback

General feedback on the crop and composition would be appreciated.

Technical Details

Sony a7iv at 74 mm. ISO 50, f/11, for 10sec.
Processed in LR and PS using the TK9 luminosity filters and actions. I then took it into Luminar AI to finish it off.

A very pleasing image. Your long exposure gives a nice softness to the water.

Barbara, the gentle textures in the foreground water (and the very subtle reflections) are balanced nicely by the limited contrast of the early light on the distant peaks. You rose to your challenge nicely.

Thank you @Allen_Brooks and @Mark_Seaver, for your encouraging feedback.

Lovely light and scenery! For me, though, the reflected color is too subtle for the space it is occupying. I would consider a crop up to the dark area of water about 1/4 of the way up. That feels to me like a good base too jump into the scenery. I wonder if the warm colors could do with a little push?

I really love this picture. It looks like one of the old oil paintings from the park. I wonder how it would work in black and white as the main color is the green in the trees and it is pretty muted. I love the play of the shapes in the water the mountains and the clouds. I also think maybe you could crop a little on the left as the half tree on the edge for me takes away from the clean picture. But this a real nice long exposure.

I reworked the picture with suggestions from @Diane_Miller and @tamar-aharony. I tried a tighter crop and pushed the warm colors. I like the crop, but I wonder if the warm colors are too bright.

I think the warmer colors are wonderful! And I think the crop brings emphasis to the most interesting parts. It was a beautiful morning!

I like the brightness on top and fell like it adds power to the picture. Leading into the divine revelation. You might try to add some light leading into the valley to help people’s eye to move through the picture and not go directly to the top.

Thanks to @tamar-aharony and @Diane_Miller for helping me pull it all together. Tamar, I did add extra light to the trees, but it may not be enough.

I don’t see a big change so I am not sure which of the trees you tried to brighten. I think the ones on the left can you a little brightening to lead the eye into the light on top.


Such a wonderful spring image from Yosemite Valley. I just had to comment having just been there this past week. I know the spot well and can assure you I didn’t see any water near Leidig meadow this fall!

I think your repost is gorgeous! I can see the increase in brightness in the trees and I think the crop works beautifully.

I don’t have and further suggestions, although a very minor wish would be for a skosh more room above Half Dome. No biggie.

Beautiful image! Congrats!


Thanks Lon. Next time I will remember that skoch more room above Half Dome when I take the picture.

@Barbara_Djordjevic , this is a lovely image and I really like your re-post. Removing some of the water at the bottom of the frame strengthened the comp nicely. IMO I don’t think you need more space above Half Dome. I like the subtle tones and overall peaceful feeling you captured. I think you could add a little more punch (contrast, vibrance, etc.) to the trees in the middle without detracting from Half Dome and the clouds at the top. Also, maybe this is an optical illusion, but the image looks a little tilted clockwise to my eye.

Patrick you are right it was tilted. I also increased the contrast in the green trees. Both suggestions helped polish it. Thank you so very much.

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So beautiful, Barbara! I love the rework, the lighting is just so good.

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Thank you, @Shirley_Freeman for your comments. It is good to know the lighting works.

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