Surprise act

Having seen two Whooper Swans (related to the US Trumpeter Swan) between the reeds, I positioned myself a bit further hoping they would come my way. They tend to be rather shy, so you have to wait a while for them come your way. As the ‘rabbit out of the hat’ came the Red-crested Pochard, which had been behind the swan all the time. It made for a nice shot, as these both are birds that typically can be found here in the sweet waters in the dunes along our shoreline. Hope you like it.

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Nikon D500 with 500mm f4 | 1/1000s | f4 | ISO560 | overexposed 1/3EV | handheld


Sounds like your patience paid off, Hans. The soft neutral sets off the mom and duckling very nicely. Great capture.

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Oh, I really like this image. Well done.

The swan is so sharp, and contrasts beautifully with the oof Pochard. It looks like they are friends!Lovely shot, Hans.

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Outstanding Hans! Excellent detail and exposure. These are magnificent creatures.

Thanks @linda_mellor ! Just to clarify: the duck is an adult male Red-crested Pochard :wink:

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Thanks @David_Bostock , @Mike_Friel and @David_Schoen for your comments !

Such a beautiful image and amazing moment you captured and I agree with @Mike_Friel that they look like friends hanging out together! Which I believe is the case.

Hi Hans
It seems you have a habit of photographing magic, well done.

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Lovely smooth tones, as always, Hans. The placement works perfectly, and it’s nice that the bolder of the two (color-wise) is just an accent and not dominating the frame.

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