Sweeping Cloud

First post on the new NPN. Very much appreciate David’s work to reinvigorate this environment.

This is an image from a favorite place close to where I live. It’s a great place to watch clouds, and I’m here often when the skies look promising. The drama level varies, but I like the exercise of finding the best composition in the various situations and then seeing what I can come up with when I develop it. This is sort of typical as to what I find. Decent light if I give it enough time.

Curious about your general impression of this image. It feels a bit “ordinary” compared to what I used to post, but I’m liking the fact that the clouds are always changing and there’s a constant supply of new scenes.

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

Great cloud pattern Tony. I would add more contrast to the image as it comes across a bit flat on my screen

Welcome back, Tony. I’m looking forward to seeing your posts again. Yes, this is quite a divergence from your style! You could have pushed the processing towards much more drama, but I prefer your restraint. I feel this image would work best in a series of cloud studies from the same location.

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Beautiful, Tony. Great looking sky and love the feel of the wide open country. The understated look of the color adds to that feel and looks really good. An excellent beginning at the new site. Good to see you.

I think you held back quite a bit on this one compared to a lot of your previous work.
Clouds have nice depth to them but I think a bit more could be drawn out.
I Always like to see your work and where you take it.

Hey Tony! Fantastic sky! I think you’ve done a wonderful job processing as this looks just like I would think if I were standing there. Composition works as you’ve included just enough of the mountains to anchor the big, bold sky. The transition of color from cool to warm works beautifully as well. I especially like the blue showing through on the left. The clouds almost have a metallic look to them (maybe not the right description.)

Mt. Lemon back there somewhere?

Great to see a post from you.


Great cloudscape Tony, processing looks good to me. Yes you could push it further, but great as is.