Swept Away

What technical feedback would you like if any?

Interested in whether viewers sense the luminance (& color) is appropriate for this HDR scene.

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Always open to any thoughtful considerations.

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

Composite of three shots
1: Flow of water - 21mm/ISO50/0.6sec/f/11;
2,3: Images taken at above settings except 0.4sec, and 0.2sec for light values in background.

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I like the composition and the blending looks perfect. It’s a bit warm for my eye, but given the sunlit yellow leaves in the background, it maybe feels right.

Tony…thanks for your comment…and I couldn’t have blended this without you! :clap::clap::clap:

Jim, this is an unusual, but wonderful perspective on a woodland stream, I love the composition that you used. The shutter speed used has created some nice flow in the water. I also like the low perspective here, it makes you feel like you are right in the stream. I like this image very much, the viewer just gets pulled into the scene.

This gets very subjective, but I would slightly reduce the yellow saturation in the sunlit background. I would burn down the bright shoreline rocks on both the left and right frame edges. I would also recommend lightly dodging the white areas in the water, but only in about the bottom 40% of the image (the white water near the stream junction looks bright enough already). These comments are tweaks intended to take an already good image up another notch.


I love, love this. The flow and feathery texture in the water is wonderful, but is exactly that luminance and color that I find so beautiful. Perhaps a little connection for me because I love these and love shooting the waters like this.

The confluence of the streams along with the inclusion of the forest and glow makes for a very strong composition. You even have the “light at the end of the tunnel” element going on.

I’m loving the colors and all in the water. I’m a bit with Tony in wondering how I think about the color and saturation of the glowing woods. Maybe a bit warm, but then the glow through the warm forest may warrant? Maybe just a wee drop in saturation of the yellows? I dunno, certainly within the realm of believability and personal choice.

Only two other very minor suggestions. I would clone or otherwise deal with the bright log on the left edge above mid line. Then deal with the brighter LLC - clone, crop, burn/paint over. The LLC is a slight eye magnet.

Other than those two minor cleanup items, I’m loving this one!


The luminosity in this image looks natural to my eye. I like the warm light in the background and the flow of the creek directs my eye to that point. Your choice of shutter speed works for me as it conveys movement while retaining texture. Nicely done, Jim!

@Ed_McGuirk …thanks so much for your comments…and while I agree with your statement about the subjective nature of color interpretation, once you mentioned this, I couldn’t let go the warm shadows.

@Lon_Overacker…I was hoping you would chime in! Thanks for your perspective and comments. I’ve reposted an updated copy. I think there’s still a tiny bit to manage in the LLC.

Thanks for your comments @Brian_Schrayer…This was a harder blend than I thought it would be.

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I’m really drawn into this image. It is a somewhat unique perspective to have a wide shot of water that continues to narrow down toward the background. Simple clever in my book. Well crafted!

Agreed, Jim. This is extremely well done and a very unique perspective. I like the tunnel in the middle and I think you have successfully composed the foreground. I am with @Lon_Overacker about the LLC. It should be a very easy fix.

Jim, I like what you did with the rework. This was not only a difficult image to blend for dynamic range, but also for white balance and saturation as well, they too have quite a range in this image. but the rework successfully makes all of these elements come together nicely.

Thanks for looking again @Ed_McGuirk …your perspective means a lot and I am grateful for your time and expertise!

@Adhika_Lie and @Ken_Henke- thanks for taking the time to review and comment!

I am really enjoying this one and what a great perspective. I really like what you have done on the rework. No other suggestions here, good stuff.

Jim, I’m a little late on this one, but I just wanted to say that I love this image. That curving whitewater across the bottom makes a perfect base for the composition, and the small tributary brings you right back to that sweet golden light. Really excellent comp here.

Since nobody else said anything, it’s making me feel like it’s just me, but the whites in the water seem just a bit dark.

@Craig_Moreau…good call & you’re right. I was pretty afraid of over-brightening it in the context of the background lit forest. I’ve since brightened it up and I think it looks better. Thanks for your comment!